Summative Grade 12 Graphic Design Part 1

Entire Project Due June 14 at the end of class.

The book

As your culminating activity, you will be creating a fully printed and bound book with a minimum of 32 pages in any size on any subject. Your book should integrate a number of ideas and approaches appropriate to a 21st century book market. This means you will be submitting your book in a physical form as well as an electronic form (ie. PDF). Be mindful of contemporary design approaches and environmental concerns. No copywritten material is permitted. This project is carried out individually.

Deadlines are extremely important in this project.




Find at least 20 sources that you can use as influence for your book visual, technical or otherwise. Your sources must include books, magazines, internet, human, video,and virtual library sources. List each and write a short 1 line description of each. Include links in a bibliography. Be sure to cover all relevent material to your book including:

Materials and printing methods, artists, designers, writers, typography, layout, binding techniques,  production approaches,  subject information for your content.
Decide on the materials and printing techniques you will be using for your project. Try to ensure as environmentally responsible a project as you can. List your intended papers for the interior and cover.


Brainstorm and determine a concept or concepts that you will use for your book.

Describe what your book is going to be about 1 page and answer the following questions

1. What is your book about?
2. What makes your content choice specific to you?
3. How are you going to represent your content?
4. How do you intend to communicate the content?
5. What content editing methods will you use?
6. What media are you using to make your imagery?
7. Why are you making this particular book?
8. How does your choice of content suit your skills, experience, and interest?
9. Describe the style and look of your book and how it is linked to the content

Schedule (10)

Create a schedule of your project and include prominent markers for each phase. Be sure to plan for the time it takes to print and bind your book. Delays in printing are not acceptable reasons for late submissions.

Budget (10)

Determine a real and detailed budget for your project and explain how you intend to stay within it.

Design Planning (50)

Fully consider the implications of your design choices on printing, communication, overall message. All design planning must be submitted with the finished book.

Page Size – what size will your finished pages be? Why?

Print media – What will you print on? What size?

Printing technology – What type(s) of printers will you be using? Why?

Layout and grids – Include a large rough sample layout

Typography – which fonts will you be using? Be specific. Why?

Colour(s) – set up a colour palette for your book and include it with your

Style – describe (verbally or visually) the style of your book.

Handmade techniques – describe any handmade components you will be using

Cover – Do a rough version of your cover and indicate materials

Thumbnails – Create thumbnails of your pages and indicate your intended content

Binding – What type of binding do you intend to use? Why? How will you do it?






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