Field Assignments are to be carried out every two weeks and posted on the blog. You may choose any assignment you wish from the list, and the options will expand throughout the year. Each is worth 10 marks.

  1. A Gorgeous Graph: make a super attractive graph
  2. Make A Stamp: Make a rubber (or any other useable material) stamp and stamp something
  3. Try Bookbinding: No staples or glue
  4. Kuler: Create a colour pallette (name each colour) and upload it somewhere
  5. Laser Cutting and spot varnishing: Cut and varnish an existing graphic so that it looks better.
  6. Colossal Serif: make serif-based lettering that is bigger than your body
  7. Light Painting: Do a long exposure with a camera and draw with light
  8. Warning: Create a warning sign for a uniquely contemporary problem
  9. Algorithm: Develop an algorithm and implement it (computer or real-world)
  10. Colouring Book: Create an illustration for a colouring book
  11. Miniature drama: engage figurines in some kind of dramatic situation and create a comic or video
  12. Panorama Whodunnit: Create a mystery mise en scene and encapsulate it in a panorama
  13. Sign Painter: Try to replicate an existing typeface using paint and a brush.
  14. 2 sided: Create a 2 sided illustration that juxtaposes the front and the back image
  15. Compass, Protractor and ruler: Create an illustration using only a compass, protractor and ruler.
  16. Tangled Type: draw or illustrate some typography that is completely tangled
  17. Bookish: Find and describe the most beautiful book you have ever seen
  18. Packaged: Make a paper package for a small thing
  19. Pixels: Make and use something as a pixel
  20. Secret Code Machine: Develop a coder/decoder ring
  21. Scandal: Using a found family or friend photo, write a scandalous article
  22. The Swiss: Do something that looks swiss
  23. Super tiny: Create the smallest lettering or imagery possible
  24. Repair a memory: use a family photograph and remove the embarassment
  25. Brand a friend
  26. Site-specific camouflage: make an image that perfectly matches its context
  27. Gourmet McD’s: Create a menu for your favourite fast-food restaurant to look like a high end restaurant.
  28. Design Nerds: Follow a graphic design blog for a week and write about it
  29. Draw with media that wasn’t intended for use as a drawing material
  30. Pointalism: Using a pin (or other pointy object) create a design on plain paper
  31. Found Typography: create a word or sentence using photographs of letters.
  32. Figure out your measurements using picas and points
  33. Manually Kern Letters
  34. Build a document grid and lettering style based on a famous piece of architecture
  35. Create an instruction for something and include instructional diagrams
  36. Recreate a piece of junk mail and mail it back to the sender
  37. Rework a signature
  38. Violence – inflict violence upon a bit of typography
  39. Make a graphic system to help traffic flow in the school
  40. Design Wallpaper –
  41. Illustrate something invisible.
  42. Recycle Bin – Create an ironic label for a product you find in a recycling bin
  43. Fake – Make a fake of something.
  44. Revise an album cover –
  45. Package something – design, print and assemble a package for something undesirable.

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